Ominous Atmosphere


I co-curated Ominous Atmosphere with San Francisco collector Jeff Dauber in 2007.

The exhibition featured artists whose works referenced a psyche of fear — whether political, psychological, sexual, environmental, and/or physical. The conceptual nature of fear and the undefined ways in which we sense or unleash fear was the catalyst for the show and was the first time we collaborated with an outside curator.  

We selected artists Bradley Castellanos, Jeanette Chávez, Christoph Draeger, Al Farrow, Anthony Goicolea, Susan Graham, Jill Greenberg, Antonios Kosmadakis, and Trevor Paglen whose works were deceptive in the use of their materials, creating tantalizing images of beauty and trepidation. No doubt we were influenced by the times we were living in and created a startling show that was widely seen. Lea Feinstein reviewed the exhibition in ARTnews magazine.