New Collections

New Collections

Fall / Winter Collection

Our Fall/Winter Collection marks the eighth installment of our New Collections series, which showcases work by contemporary artists in thoughtfully curated online exhibitions. This season I was inspired by a captivatingly mix of fine art, design and wearable pieces by artists living on the West Coast. Created for the HMxAA SHOP, this collection features unique one of a kind and editioned works in a range of price points that capture the HMxAA signature curatorial style. Sheer beauty meets whimsy and daring in this new selection.

Well-known San Francisco based sculptor and jewelry designer Matt Gil has just launched a new line of hammered stainless steel and aluminum tables. Gil is highly regarded for his organic and playful forms and his ability to meld unexpected materials into elegant sculptures and wearable art. Gil’s custom made tables can be made to order to client specifications and are sold exclusively on the HMxAA SHOP for the Fall/Winter Collection.  

Sculptor and painter, Malena Lopez-Maggi recently earned her MFA from Mills College in Oakland, CA. While creating art, she keeps, what is affectionately called an ‘inspiration station’ close at hand. Consisting of various specimens and curiosities that serve as reference points for her sculptures and paintings, Lopez-Maggi develops imaginative objects that are hand crafted with an unusual array of materials such as aluminum foil, polymer clay, pigments and foam. Her playful pieces suggest precious stones and rocks and Romantic skies and moonscapes. 

Napa based sculptor Chris Thorson is interested in how ordinary objects like T-shirts, keys, or lost gloves act as personal artifacts and cultural symbols. Drawing upon conventions of trompe l'oeil and the readymade, Thorson’s sculptures posit a gap between perception and material reality, and test the boundaries between what we overlook and what we esteem.  

Celebrated Los Angeles photography duo Davis & Davis created a collection of forgotten dolls and toys that serve as catalysts for humorous and engaging tableaus that riff on childhood and our society. Tongue-in-cheek humor pose a ribald and cautionary tale of global warming and the notion of there is really nowhere to hide. 

Napa based artist Mikey Kelly creates wonderfully kinetic prints and unique drawings. Kelly’s signature bold color and detailed line work merge a minimalist aesthetic with surreal architectural and geometric patterns that mimic sunlight, cells, networks, shadows and ultimately zen like constructions.  

Santa Cruz based designer Britta Campbell draws inspiration for her sterling silver jewelry from the sun, sand, and beaches of the Northern California coast. Campbell created this special statement piece particularly for the HMxAA Fall/Winter Collection. Her inspiration includes: waves, sunlight, tree branches, antlers, ice floes, and snowflakes merging a coastal and mountain winter mood. The necklace can be purchased separately or paired with the sterling silver earrings to create a striking look. 

Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions, or if you would like more information about the artists. I hope you enjoyed the Collection!