Let Us Now Praise San Francisco


Let Us Now Praise San Francisco was one of the most important shows for myself and the gallery. It was a real treat to work with friend, collector, author, filmmaker, and raconteur Robert Mailer Anderson on this unique project.

The exhibition was a great collaboration and paired new fiction by San Francisco writers Peter Plate, Michelle Tea, Robert Mailer Anderson, and the late Victor Martinez with new photography by Gregory Halpern, Whitney Hubbs, and Sean McFarland. The prose and photographs, completed and shot in late May and early June 2008, chronicled an extremely timely and distinct artistic view of San Francisco ranging from its gloomy urban underbelly to its quiet, startling beauty. This atypical exhibition fused contemporary urban literature and photography in a gallery setting and represented a San Francisco stripped bare and awkward in all its tragic and sublime contradictions.

The complete short stories and selected images from the show were documented in a beautiful and unique book published, printed, and bound in San Francisco. A limited-edition of 100 copies were made, each numbered and signed by the seven participants in the show, making this volume a sought-after collector’s item. Contact me if you would like to acquire one of the last few copies.