Previous Collections

Polan and Manfull

I am pleased to present the latest work of Alissa Polan and Melissa Manfull. This exhibition marks the 11th installment of our New Collections series which showcases work by leading contemporary artists. 

Manfull and Polan explore landscapes and create works that define a particular aesthetic that is shaped by mass media and consumerism. Each are defining new ways in which to investigate an American experience defined by desire, luxury, empire, and place. 

Christel Dillbohner

This exhibition marks the ninth installment of our New Collections series which showcases work by contemporary artists online. Christel Dillbohner is a researcher and explorer of the visual world. States of being are the subject of her luscious painterly explorations that respond to shifting landscapes and environments. She has presented her paintings, site-specific installations, and works on paper in many galleries and museums in the USA, Germany and Japan....[Read More]

Fall Winter Collection.jpg

Fall/Winter Collection

Our Fall/Winter Collection marks the eighth installment of our New Collections series, which showcases work by contemporary artists in thoughtfully curated online exhibitions. This season I was inspired by a captivatingly mix of fine art, design and wearable pieces by artists living on the West Coast. Created for the HMxAA SHOP, this collection features unique one of a kind and editioned works in a range of price points that capture the HMxAA signature curatorial style. Sheer beauty meets whimsy and daring in this new selection....[Read More]

Mary Button Durell and John Warren Travis

This marks the seventh installment of our New Collections series which showcases work by contemporary artists in thoughtfully curated online exhibitions. This month, I am happy to share the work of San Francisco artists Mary Button Durell and John Warren Travis. Each spent most of their working lives in other high profile creative mediums before devoting themselves full time to the visual arts....[Read More]

Summer Collection

This marks the sixth installment of the HMxAA Shop New Collections and it is deliciously inspired by the sights, sounds and warmth of summer. 

Summer. The magic word conjures nostalgic feelings of travel, long warm days, sultry sunshine, sandy beaches and gentle breezes. I had a fun time putting this collection together which features eight collectible artists who, in fresh and unique ways, create works that help to define summer.  I hope it will provide you with a visual vacation for the eyes, mind and soul... [Read More]

Leo Bersamina and Britta Campbell

Leo Bersamina and Britta Campbell create art that is inspired by the Bay Area environment, their California spirits and a love for surfing. Campbell’s timeless designs and Bersamina’s freeform works convey a sense of movement--in body and in nature--and evoke a spiritual experience that heightens the senses emotionally, physically and artfully...[Read More]

Paul Mullins and Jennifer Celio

Artists Jennifer Celio and Paul Mullins investigate place and selfhood. With humor and adept linework and collage, they address issues of status and identity as they relate to current social and political events, particularly in the United States...[Read More]


Timothy Nolan and Kimberly Rowe

Timothy Nolan and Kimberly Rowe are California-based artists whose divergent practices overlap with a layering of form, color and pattern rendered in a dizzying array of color palettes in collage and paint...[Read More]

Liséa Lyons and Amber Jean Young

Welcome to my New Collections featuring the work of former Marx & Zavattero gallery artist Liséa Lyons and Bay Area artist Amber Jean Young both of whom seamlessly investigate issues of memory, time and place. This installment marks the...[Read More]

Jenny Sharaf and Victoria Wagner

Welcome to our first online exhibition featuring artists Jenny Sharaf and Victoria Wagner. Beginning today—and updated every two weeks—the HMxAA SHOP will bring you...[Read More]